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 Experience: A good teacher?

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PostExperience: A good teacher?

Just thought of writing something even though I’ve got a terrible english vocabularies.. And this is all about.. – secret muna *bleh*

Most people say that experience is a good teacher.. Sounds good!.. It will give you an idea of how to learn things by your self.. You would probably wanted to try those things that you wanna learn.. Most of the time it'll give you chill to the bone while planning on what to do.. Many successful personalities used their experiences to achieve their goals and we admire them for it.. But have you ever imagined what it takes to learn from the so-called “good teacher”?.. Well I do.. And I did realized that sometimes it wasn’t fun to learn from it..

It was fun to learn indeed, especially when you just learned it from your own experiences.. But some experiences will give you pain physically, mentally, and emotionally.. One day I just happened to have an accident, a road mishap.. I almost got my back-ride in a terrible situation!.. Thanks God it was just “almost”.. We almost hit into a turning car without it’s signal lights turned on.. Luckily my reflexes act quickly and avoided a more complicated situation – we hit nothing but the road.. Thou it’s just a plain road it still gave the two of us a real pain.. I’ve got wounds on right part of my body and she got wounds on her fingers (it’s a good thing that she wears protective gears).. Pain physically doesn’t matter at all.. The sad part was having her lost the faith and confidence that she’s with a skilled driver.. Every time we’ll have a ride on a motorcycle I can feel that she’s afraid.. She will grab onto me tightly that I can barely breathe and as if every pump of the gasoline is a sign of danger for her.. She was not like that before, she’ll just laugh out loud with me every time we come close to an accident – she has more guts than me.. But that was before.. It hurts me so much that I’ve got wounds and lost my pride in just one second of mishap.. I learned from that experience.. In a terrible way!.. Then I realized, I would rather choose to learn logically than to learn from my experiences together with pain.. I’ll never get bored listening to the lectures of my teacher and would avoid trying it practically..

“Experience: a good teacher and a naughty one”.. – korak!..
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Experience: A good teacher? :: Comments

Re: Experience: A good teacher?
Post on Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:52 am by Wesley_Martin
santy wrote:
[i]pahabol ko lang idol...
meron talagang dapat matutunan by experience.
di lahat kayang ituro ni guru wesley
[b]lol! di ba guru?

Nyahahaha?! potek! affraid Twisted Evil ako na nmn?! cheers baet baet ko nga eh.. cheers

Anyway, gusto mo maalis yung trauma nya. Smile

Takbong joy ride lang muna. Yung bang ma aapreciate mo yung scenery.. mas malimit mo sya dapat ipasyal ngayon. Wink

To overcome your fear you must have the guts / courage and determination to win over it. Its so rewarding when you tried it! Wink
Re: Experience: A good teacher?
Post on Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:12 am by logan_dslasher
natural lang siguro yun sir since medyo recent pa lang ung incident.. pag ako backride ng iba kabado din ako compared if ako drive.. siguro doble o triple ung trauma nia compared sayo kaya medyo takot pa din siya..

wag ka nalang siguro magpatakbo ng kasing bilis tulad ng dati pag angkas mo siya para unti unti siyang maka-recover..

thanks for sharing..
Re: Experience: A good teacher?
Post on Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:36 am by aey
thanks idol santy and syk Very Happy noted na yun mga pointers nyo study

hehe ilan beses ko na nga na-edit yan eh andrama kasi.. thanks ulit Razz
Re: Experience: A good teacher?
Post on Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:34 am by santy
pahabol ko lang idol...

meron talagang dapat matutunan by experience.
di lahat kayang ituro ni guru wesley
lol! di ba guru?

one point lang:
take life seriously, pero learn to have fun by being serious.. hope you got that idol..

nice share talaga bounce
Re: Experience: A good teacher?
Post on Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:29 am by santy
nice share idol aey.. bilib ako sayo... you have the courage to share yang ganyan. not all may share personal experiences and especially the bad effects of such.

korak! experience is a GOOD teacher - but not the BEST teacher. depends talaga sa application.

just like what happened sayo idol. tama, not all riding skills don't need to be learned by experience. some talaga by knowledge lang, not by ACTUAL experience.

you will regain the confidence you and sniper anna again later. di naman talaga maibabalik agad yun.

again, nice share idol aey... kipitap!

ride safer guys and gays.. ahahahahay!

....(nabading na naman ako
Embarassed ) lol!
Re: Experience: A good teacher?
Post on Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:28 am by syk_glen24
di naman talaga lahat paps your going to learn from school, I bet experience is really the best teacher specially in real life.. doble ingat na lang next time and siguro nag aadjust pa din si sniper mo, na takot lang siguro tlaga siya.. kung siya nga lang siguro ma susunod baka ayaw ka na niya pag motorin eh since yan ang hilig mo I bet di niya yun sasabihin sayo.. enjoy life paps and make the most out of it lalo na pag kasama mo siya..
Re: Experience: A good teacher?
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Experience: A good teacher?

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